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VAVASATI International Festival 2022 – Download PDF

The South African State Theatre is calling for female writers/directors/Choreographers/producers to send their
proposals to be considered for the Annual Vavasati International Festival. The Festival aims to celebrate stories by
and for women which explores all issues by women from all walks of life. This Festival will take place in August 2022.
Productions to be part of the festival will be based on selections made on the below genres:
• Musical Theatre
• Drama
• Dance
• Music
• Poetry
• Visual Arts
All proposals are required to have the following to be considered for the above mentioned festival:
• Applicants must be Female or 90% of the production team must be Female.
• Motivation letter of how the production is relevant, meaningful, and entertaining.
• All the themes expressed in the production should be highlighted in the motivation letter with hashtags. For
example #HumanRights #Freedom
• Creative team information that includes biographies and contact details.
• Full script and a brief synopsis (link to video clips will be advantageous).
• Four-page narrative treatment (if there is no script or if it will be a dance/devised production).
• For visual artists, a full portfolio is required.
In addition to the financial support, The South African State Theatre will provide all selected candidates with
artistic and technical support.