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Performing Arts Institutions came together at the Market Theatre in an inaugural Arts Incubator Trade Fair that shined the spotlight on their Arts Development Programmes and The South African State Theatre was part of it, The Market Theatre’s Trade Fair: A historic first for SA Performing Arts Institutions.
Our Deputy Artistic Director, Napo Masheane made an appearance at Market Theatre to attend a workshop sharing all that is SA State Theatre, followed by our Marketing team that graced Market Theatre with their presence and watched ‘Turning Tables’, a production that previously staged in our theatre, produced under our Incubator Programme. On the last day of the fair, SA State Theatre team was also present at the Trade Fair, socialising will other Performing Arts Institutions about our upcoming productions and all that is going on in the theatre.  
It is a beautiful thing when Performing Arts Institution come together to support the preservation and development of the Arts industry, as Arts cannot only be seen through artists but in our everyday lives.
There are rare spaces where Art does not influence the society, Art is fundamental and should always be preserved.
The South African State Theatre is honoured to have been part of The Market Theatre’s Trade Fair. 

~Article by Lebogang Vanessa Moche

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