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DR Philip Tabane’s Lecture

DR Philip Tabane’s Lecture

Author: admin/09 November 2019/Categories: Festival, Musical

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This study introduces Philip Tabane’s biographical background and sketches out the socio political milieu in which he has had to do creative work, maps out stages of development of Malombo music, and investigates how media was bent on shaping a particular public opinion about Malombo music. The latter is juxtaposed against Philip Tabane’s own philosophy of music making. The research further inves­tigates what Tabane’s own definition of Malombo is.


The research therefore examines the natural biographical life of Philip Tabane; elements of the indigenous ritual malombo musical practice; the development of the popular style of Philip Tabane’s Malombo music; the impact of neo-colonial musical hegemony on indigenous South African music through the biased profiling of jazz in popular music scene and its implications for the development of indigenous music; the development of Tabane’s career path; literature reviews of media write-ups about Tabane and his version of malombo music; and the extent to which contemporary legal framework that regulates the arts in South Africa covers the protection and development of indigenous musical arts.


The research aims to investigate whether Philip Tabane succeeded in his experiment of adapting the indigenous ritual malombo music into a popular musical domain; how the biased profiling of jazz by print and electronic media has affected the public profile and development of indigenous African music in South Africa; the views of the media and arts critics about indigenous music; and broad principles learnt from Philip Tabane’s model of adapting indigenous.



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