written & directed by martin koboekae

Author: San Mari/21 August 2017/Categories: Musical, Main Artistic Program

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Event date: 2017-10-03 08:00 PM - 2017-10-29 03:00 PM Export event


Date: 3 - 29 October 2017
Time: 20:00
Venue: Arena Theatre

KGOLO – is a Setswana written fictional story inspired by true events. It revolves around Oganne, a re-bellious young man who is endowed with mystic powers but who relentlessly refuses to surrender to the call to lead his clan to glory and prosperity. KGOLO (a Setswana word meaning “GROWTH”) is an honest but light-hearted drama represented in the mould of satire. It stares deep into the darkest taboos, theo-ries, faith and conviction of the Batswana people and seeks to reduce the rigidity with which these views have been espoused. The tradition and culture of one clan are laid bare and dissected in a bit-ingly humorous way and even the most delicate issues are treated with so much light-heartedness and respect that no one will feel offended. The play is set in 1940 in an imaginary rural village and is pre-sented in Setswana with a bit of English. It captures the rich and dramatic nuances and pathos of Bat-swana and their allegorical prowess. Setswana music and traditional dance are central to the unfolding of the story and the execution of such will only assist to enhance the quality of the story. 

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