King Cetshwayo

King Cetshwayo

Author: admin/20 August 2019/Categories: Musical

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17 - 22 September 2019


King Cetshwayo The Musical, follows the events that led the Anglo-Zulu war. It is about King Cetshwayo's major test during times when the English were slowly taking over Zululand and undermining the position as the Zulu King. The war story is told amazingly through dance, narration and a mixture of video and images. The story leads to the Zulu victory at Isandlwana where the mighty Zulu warriors conquered the English, rendering the worst humiliation the queen of England ever experienced. What followed after the conquest was the pain of endless war, the English seeking revenge that led to the capture of King Cetshwayo. The story of King Cetshwayo has to be celebrated. Although he was captured at the end, the heroic deeds of the Zulu warrior who faced guns with spears is something to be celebrated. The victory at Isandlwana revived the pride of the Zulu people and made history in the world.

King Cetshwayo The Musical
is written and directed by Jerry Pooe - a profilic playwright, with authentic music directed by Mbusio Khoza.




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