Be A Better Dog

Be A Better Dog

Author: admin/07 August 2019/Categories: Drama

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1 OCT - 6 OCT 2019                                                                                                                                                       


The show tells a tale of Dog’s life while at the same time we get to see the world we live in through the eyes of a dog. This one man play raises questions that challenge humans to self-introspect. The play is an entire re-enactment of the dog’s solid life with commentary on its several social issues as it interacted with its various owners.  

The play uses humour and light commentary to speak to otherwise sensitive issues of class, care and abandonment as applied and taken up by the human being in an attempt to tackle life challenges. As a dog he grapples with questions such as to what extent is he a happy animal, and to what extent is he a traumatized orphan of human caused condition? Is any of it his own making and what power did he as dog have to change the situation? These are poignant questions that are relevant to a human world that is at crossroads with questions of destructive violence, corruption, injustice, racial discrimination, lack of care to the planet in and its inhabitants in general. In life we strive to be better human beings, but what does it mean to be better? And what does it take to be better?


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