The Opera Theatre is the largest of our six theatres, offering three balconies and three foyer levels.


The Opera House is the largest of six theatres, seating 1,300 patrons on three levels in- cluding a balcony. It has an orchestra pit that can be adjusted to accommodate up to 60 musicians.

The seating has been arranged to provide excellent views of the stage from any vantage point. Continental style seating has been adopted, offering two entrance/exit doors for every four rows of seats to facilitate ease of entrance and exit of patrons.

Capacity: 1300 seats.

Stage Dimensions:

This theatre has a cross-shaped stage, the main stage being 25.6 x 21.5 metres in size. The side stages, OP, prompt and backstage are each almost the same size as the main stage. Five stage lifts, each 3 x 15 metres in size, as well as a revolving stage with an inner platform form part of these stages. Lighting, sound and stage mechanics are controlled by computer and the theatre has a lighting saturation grid and follow spots.

Apart from being a safety precaution, the lowered fire curtains allow normal backstage activities to proceed without causing any disturbance to the performers or the audience during a production. Stretching to a height of 33 metres, the stage operating, or fly, tower is one of highest in the world, equipped with three working galleries and 57 battens from which cloths and décor can be suspended.


For pricing please liaise with Busisiwe Lukhele from our Facilities Department

Other information:

Disabled/wheelchair seats - Row T1-8 Normal seats - Row T9-13
Very restricted view - Row U1-6 (behind the wheelchair seats) Normal seats - Row U 7-11



Tel: +27 (0)12 392 4000
Fax: +27 (0)12 322 3913 

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  • Cocktail Parties
  • Product Launches
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